The 'Spider-Man' Shortlist: Which of These Guys Do You Want to See Dressed as a "Spider Man"?

May 27, 2010


Interrupting our concerns over which supermodel Michael Bay will choose for Transformers 3 (probably whichever is best at shuffling around shooting targets, right?), the Hollywood Reporter claims casting for the lead in Marc Webb's new back-to-school Spider-Man film has been narrowed down to five likely candidates, Want to hear some names, see some photos, read why they all make me apathetically shrug? Let's continue then.

Jamie Bell

He's acted in King Kong, Defiance, and Spielberg's upcoming Tintin film, but if you see him on the street, the proper thing to shout at him as you pull out your iCamera is "Billy Elliot!" Bell has the lankiness required for a good Spider-Man, though, at 24, he's a bit old to just begin a series relaunching explicitly to return the character to a high school setting. I'll have to hear his American accent shouting, "This spider bite is making me magic!" before I can decide. Because that's Spider-Man's signature line.

Alden Ehrenreich

Discovered by Steven Spielberg, "who saw a comedy video starring [him] at a bat mitzvah," (Bat mitzvahs involve comedy videos? Yet another reason I wish I were a Jewish girl) Ehrenreich has pretty much only been in Francis Ford Coppola's Tetro, in which he played Bennie. I'm curious how he'll play the "nerdy Peter Parker" card when he seems to constantly look like he's about to beat someone up.

Frank Dillane

If you're a Harry Potter fan or the IMDb's consciousness, you know him as Young Tom Riddle. Pros: Has shown he can wear the "Emo Spidey" hair. Cons: Everyone hates "Emo Spidey."

Andrew Garfield

Garfield played Anton in The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, won a BAFTA for his role in 2007's Boy A, has a part in David Fincher's The Social Network, and looks the part. Except that he's already 27, and that only really flies as "teenager" in the halls of West Beverly High.

Josh Hutcherson

Hey, it's that kid from Zathura, RV, Bridge to Terabithia, Journey to the Center of the Earth 3-D--most things involving a young male in the last few years. At 18, he'll be the most convincing in a backpack, but he seems slightly squat for such a classically-lithe superhero. Also--ut oh!--his IMDb bio tells me his favorite superhero is... Batman? Conflict!

Thoughts? Favorites? Impotent rage?

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