There's Been Another, Less Unexpected NBC Cancellation

May 17, 2010


Law & Order won't be the only once-popular, increasingly-forgotten series to fall by the wayside as Do Something with Guy Fieri takes its rightful place as the flagship of NBC's ragtag fleet. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Heroes too is getting the axe, bringing the series to an unexpected (but also, kind of expected) close with this season. NBC had reportedly been seriously considering giving the show a final, abridged season to wrap up any loose ends, but facing dismal ratings, high production costs, and the fact that no one even knows enough about what's happening in Heroes to know what exactly there is to wrap up, the network ultimately decided against it.

There is some hope, however, if you're still pretty serious about this show for some reason: "Sources say the network is still leaving the door open to conclude the show with a special or movie." At last, you dozens of Heroes fans have your Arrested Development movie equivalent to look forward to never materializing.

(Thanks, Darcloak. Is that a D&D name?)

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