Today's Snarling Video: 'Jonah Hex' Trailer #2

May 27, 2010


If the last Jonah Hex trailer didn't have enough rapid-fire shots of guns and Josh Brolin snarling through his cheek window for your taste, here's your Cure-All Miracle Tonic: a new trailer that has more of that. Plus, the Megan Fox content provides us a nice reminder of what we'll be missing now that we know she's absent from the next Transformers film. Sure, Michael Bay might get someone attractive (or Heidi Montag) to take her spot, but will the next gal have that charming my-tone-gives-no-clue-to-emotion-nor-intent delivery? We can only dream.

I really wish they'd show more Will Arnett. If he isn't playing an rich, arrogant blowhard rendered socially inept by his own hubris, I don't know what I'm going to do.

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