Weekend Box Office Results Ensure Fedora, Claw, and Striped Shirt Will Remain Popular Halloween Props

May 3, 2010


Your weekend top five:

1. A Nightmare on Elm Street - $32.2 million. I can't understand people wanting to see something where you can be killed in your dreams. If you don't have refuge there, where can you hide from reality, other than in the warm arms of alcohol?

2. How to Train Your Dragon - $10.8 million. This thing's becoming a regular Shrek! (I describe things as "Shreks" now.)

3. Date Night - $7.6 million, continuing to win strong numbers from the "yeah, I guess I'd see that if people are going" crowd.

4. The Back-Up Plan - $7.2 million. These producers must be smacking themselves for making a film about a woman getting artificially inseminated, instead of a movie about a lady getting pregnant the old-fashioned way, next to a pool.

5. Furry Vengeance - $6.5 million. Brendan Fraser being ravaged by wild animals sounded so profitable on paper.

Weekend Box Office Results [Box Office Mojo]

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