'You Again' Trailer Introduces Multi-Generational Catfighting

May 6, 2010


Looking for slapstick catharsis to the bullying you endured in high school, ladies? Here's your answer: You Again, featuring Jamie Lee Curtis attempting revenge on high school bully Sigourney Weaver while Kristen Bell catfights high school bully Cloverfield girl. I have a feeling there's a lesson to be learned here about forgiving and forgetting, guys. Or at least a lesson about pretending you forgave and forgot but then using Facebook to figure out the bullies' addresses and mailing them boxes of little children's clip-on bow ties to freak them out, because how are they going to figure it was me?

Or is the lesson that Sigourney Weaver is going to have to keep playing her character from Heartbreakers ad infinitum?

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