Internet Peoples Demand Donald Glover as Spider-Man

June 1, 2010


THE INTERNET BRAIN has decided: Donald Glover should be Spider-Man.

A chain of events that went from an io9 post about the possibility of Spider-Man not being a white guy in the new film, to various commenters nominating Community and Mystery Team actor Donald Glover for the part, to Glover himself putting himself in the running, to thousands of Facebook people and Twitters proclaiming "#donald4spiderman" has led to... well, I guess that's all it's led to. It's led to people on the internet saying, "Hey, how about letting Donald Glover audition for Spider-Man?" And that's where we are now.

Personally, I don't see what it could hurt to give him a shot. Though, give The Internet an inch, they'll take a Betty White as Aunt May.

Follow the adventure on Glover's Twitter!


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