New 'Thundercats' Series Ensures My Generation Will Eternallly Live in Its Past

June 3, 2010


The mission to make my adulthood into a slightly-off, bizarro déjà vu of my childhood continues to go according to plan with Cartoon Network's just-announced pledge to introduce a "21st century reimagining" (already a worrisome description) of Thundercats to the network. Set to slap you with distorted nostalgia in 2011, the updated story of a bunch of cat people fighting a mummy and some mutants will be animated by the Japanese studio that did The Animatrix and Batman: Gotham Knights, who will also reportedly be updating the looks of the characters--meaning Panthro might look like slightly less of a leather daddy this go. With the announcement came the above image, which probably won't at all resemble the animated series but would make a good cover if you ever write a paperback fantasy novel about Lion-O.

(Thanks, Rick.)

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