'S#*! My Dad Says' Trailer: CBS Says It with an Antiquated Bleep!

June 4, 2010


Over the last few years, as most of the major networks have at least attempted to correct the inherent problems in the archaic sitcom format, CBS has been the hold-out firmly digging its heels into the ground. As NBC, ABC and, god, even Fox push past the three-camera set-up that has for generations made most situation comedies feel like an awkward, blindingly-lit stage play taking place in your television, CBS remains intent on clinging to the past, spreading the steadfast old-fashioneyness that has made Andy Rooney their network mainstay across their comedy lineup, ensuring every joke out of Charlie Sheen's mouth is delivered with a laugh track epilogue that lets Mom know that was a funny part.

Earlier this year, CBS purchased the rights to the Twitter account "Shitmydadsays" and cast William Shatner in the lead, which seemed like it could be an indication of the network hoping to splash a little modernity into their primeval lineup. Twitter! So hot and new! Modern! Computers! Right? Nope. There's now a trailer for the series, and I'm sorry to say that's not the case. It seems far more like a cruel plot to ensure Shatner never wins an Emmy again. Was George Takei involved in this?

This dad says the darndest things!

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