Welp, Tony Jaa is a Monk Now

June 1, 2010


In news that's upsetting to the world of martial arts cinema unless it's part of the epic prologue to his next film, Tony Jaa has apparently become an honest-to-god monk. According to Twitch, Jaa, known mostly for severely kicking the shit out of people in the Ong Bak sort-of-trilogy, has--at least temporarily--retired from the industry. On Friday, he reportedly "rode an elephant to a Buddhist temple in Surin, Thailand, where he shaved his head, took vows, and was officially ordained as a Buddhist monk."

I hope you find what you're looking for, Tony. And I hope what you're looking for is the will to eventually burst out of the solid wall of the temple, slingshot off the tusks of an elephant, and heave yourself at some punk so hard that your knee comes out the other side. And that you record that, so I can watch it later.

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