For Your Nerdy Dance Party: Daft Punk's 'Tron' Soundtrack Medley

July 30, 2010


Until the Columbia Music Club you joined comes through with your Tron: Legacy soundtrack and 9 other CDs for a dollar, tide your ears over with this: a ten minute sampler of Daft Punk's music from the upcoming sci-fi sequel. But be forewarned, the clips contained within do not last long enough to fully get your rave on.

UPDATE: in the comments, someone named zombies--or possibly just a group of zombies--tells us these samples are fake, and the real ones are here. I have no reason to doubt this claim, so let's trust that for now. And if you're the person who put together this apparently fake soundtrack, know this: you're insane to do that.

(Thanks to Flex at MovieGod.)

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