Lego Movie Co-Director Making Inherent Lego Movie Cynism Harder to Maintain

July 7, 2010


With Phil Lord and Chris Miller having been charged with the task of making a reasonable film based on Lego, I've been trying to hold on to some optimism despite the natural negativity that forms when you hear someone is doing a movie based on the interlocking blocks of your childhood. After all, the two did Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, which ended up being, against all odds, really enjoyable. And not good like how people maintain the first Shrek is enjoyable when it's stupid--actually enjoyable. I sort of trust these guys, now. But still, a Lego movie?

Well, speaking to Collider, Lord sort of answered "a Lego movie?":

“I don’t know how we’re exactly going to execute it, but I would say the vast majority of the film takes place in an immersive all-Lego environment. So it’s going to star mini-figs and we’ve created these really cool characters and a really nice character story between these mini-figs. And it’s going to take place in a universe that’s made entirely out of Lego to the point where if there’s water or clouds or like a big explosion, that will be made out of animated Legos. And our goal was to make it look like a super charged stop-motion. Something like if Michael Bay kidnapped Henry Selick to make a movie for him.”

Hmm, so the Lego movie will involve a lot of things made of Legos...

Yes, I suppose that's acceptable. Carry on.

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