Let's Get Excited About This 'Party Down' Movie That Won't Happen

July 6, 2010


Need a new never-happening sitcom-film to wait obediently at the door for now that it's become apparent Arrested Development is never coming back home from the liquor store? How about a Party Down movie that will never materialize?

In an interview with HitFix, Party Down star Lizzy Caplan discussed the series' cancellation and dangled a little reunion carrot in front of us with the mention of how hard she's pushing co-creator Rob Thomas for a film finale:

"We want it so bad. We could do it for no money, no time. We would do it for free. I just don't know if we're legally allowed to do it."

Could we instead make nebulous plans for a film from Roman and McLovin's script they read at Steve Guttenberg's birthday? At least I'll be slightly less disappointed when that never happens. Plus, if it does happen, there will be a Slave Girl.

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