Pee-wee and Apatow Teaming Up in Merger of Things You Liked at Various Stages of Your Life

July 1, 2010


Two of our greatest proponents of stunted male maturation are teaming up, and we're getting another Pee-wee Herman movie, guys. Variety reports producer-of-everything Judd Apatow and Paul Reubens--who's returned to his tinfoil ball nest, showing up at recently on stage and screen in his bow tie--are working on bringing to screens a new Pee-wee road movie built around "a gigantic adventure," which, if I'm not mistaken, sounds slightly larger than a Big Adventure. Reubens is writing the script with Paul Rust, and Apatow says he won't direct. Maybe the impressive-in-hindsight director of Pee-wee's first film, Tim Burton, can return to make this fucker 3-D?

My only request (besides avoiding the Big Top) is we don't get a glimpse of any of Pee-Wee's former neighbors. Laurence Fishburne would only drive up production cost, and I really, really don't want to see the effects of time on The Most Beautiful Woman in Puppetland. Some things were always meant to remain "reasonably-attractive when you're at an age when you don't know better."

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