SyFy Does It Again: 'Sharktopus' Trailer

July 16, 2010


You might think that something called "Sharktopus," produced by Roger Corman for SyFy, and featuring a shark-octopus hybrid as an antagonist, doesn't take itself seriously--especially when the trailer's rockin', surf-inspired "Sharktopus Theme" kicks in. But before your start passing judgment, how about you take a look at the cast first. That's right: ERIC ROBERTS is in this. Now who's got egg on their face?

Like his close relative the John Rhys-Davies, you may pluck the Eric Roberts from his natural B-movie environment and place him as far from it as you wish--be it the set of The Dark Knight or The Expendables--and he will always inevitably return to his home, the SyFy lot.


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