The Old Spice Guy in Movies Now

July 28, 2010


With those absurdist Old Spice ads having completed their lap around the internet, concluding with your dad posting "i m on a horse" on Facebook, it's time for some Hollywood Types to make their star, Isaiah Mustafa, a star outside of Old Spice commercials. According to Hollywood Reporter, two films and a TV series have already signed on to put the bodywash shill in front of the cameras this year, before the muckrakers down at Axe can find any dirt on him. Tyler Perry, always looking for another handsome black man to join him in questioning why he got married, has given Mustafa a role in For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow Is Enuf; in Horrible Bosses, the former football player will play a cop in a scene he promises is with "maybe Jennifer Aniston!"; and on NBC's Chuck, he'll be playing a CIA agent.

What happened to that girl from Survivor after she was shoehorned into that Rob Schneider movie, again?

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