'The Town' Trailer: Ben Affleck and the Director of 'Gone Baby Gone' Team Up for Bank Robber Love Story

July 16, 2010


A new Ben Affleck movie from "the acclaimed director of Gone Baby Gone" (also Ben Affleck, but director Ben Affleck likes to refer to himself as that now to avoid confusing the two sides of the Affleck talent coin, a la Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana) is soon headed your way; how would you like to decide whether it's worth spending money on with a trailer? In the film, Actor Affleck plays a Point Break-enthusiast who dresses like a death metal homage to Scrooged's Ghost of Christmas Future and robs banks. While off duty from bank robbing, he falls in love with some lady (Rebecca Hall), but--ut oh!--it turns out she was at his last robbery and was totally traumatized by it! Sounds like a conflict to resolve by film's end! Also starring: Chris Cooper, Jeremy Renner, Blake Lively, and Mad Men, playing the stern FBI agent we all knew he would obviously have to play some day. What a cast the acclaimed director of Gone Baby Gone got for himself.

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