This Pale Kid is Playing Banshee in 'X-Men', Another Kid Playing Beast

July 8, 2010


It's a regular X-Men: First Class casting feast for you, today. Following news Aaron Johnson has been cast as Cyclops, Variety reports Caleb Landry Jones has been cast as Banshee and Nicholas Hoult will play Beast in the Matthew Vaughn-directed film. X-Men fans will recall the mutant superhero Banshee possesses the power to scream a concussive sonic blast, which he could use to say things in a ridiculously-written Irish accent. Beast, depending on what era you're referencing in your nerd guide, is a blue, hairy, cat-like man; a blue, hairy Wolverine-haired guy; just a sort-of-hairy stocky dude; or Kelsey Grammer. Jones, Hoult, and Johnson will be joining Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, and Alice Eve from She's Out of My League, which leads me to believe the set is going to be a lot like a college sci-fi club, with a bunch of guys desperately competing over the one girl willing to put on a goofy costume.

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