'Vampires Suck' Trailer: Friedberg and Seltzer Reach a New Low Somehow

July 7, 2010


Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer, the America's beloved cinema jesters that have brought about such greats as all those "[Genre] Movie" films, have a new hilarious tale to delight us: Vampires Suck! The film, as you may have derived from the witty title, builds its belly laughs around the foundation of the Twilight franchise, meaning we get four Shirtless Werewolves Are Gay jokes for every Alice (of Wonderland) arbitrarily taking a bullet! But don't worry, it's not all pop culture references with little to no payoff outside of characters literally just showing up to get hurt: there's also Fake Edward heaving people--three times in ten seconds in this trailer! Throwing people is funny!

Only watch this if you want to feel brain pain or see that Ken Jeong will apparently do anything for a paycheck.

The Push-a-Button Wacky Sound Machine effect used when the piano collapses is probably the best metaphor you can get for their writing approach. Honestly, the "Jersey Shore" bit may be their most paradoxically desperate gag yet--they're reaching really far but still achieving new lows of laziness. They can't even be bothered to make Fake Edward's hair even more comically large than it actually is? Come on, guys.

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