Where Will Rob Schneider's Next Paycheck Come From?

July 29, 2010


It's the question even Schneider himself asks as filming on each new Adam Sandler movie comes to a close: Where will Rob Schneider's next paycheck come from? The answer today? Providing his voice to Crest Animation Studios' 3-D family comedy Norm of the North--which might as well be called "Polar Bear in the City!" because it "tells the story of the titular polar bear and his three Arctic lemming buddies, who end up in New York after their icy home begins to melt and break apart." Because, fuck it, if even Smurfs can somehow make itself an outsiders-in-Manhattan film, what's one more CGI Crocodile Dundee in the pile?

Hardly feels shameful enough for a Schneider role, though, does it? He'd better be forced to make some kind of live-action cameo as a vaguely racist/retarded character shouting a catchphrase.

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