'5nal Destination' Adds Champ Kind and Others to Death List

August 31, 2010


Because news of a 20-something's 3-D demise is best delivered shouted out the side of a mouth, David Koechner has been signed to the cast of the fifth Final Destination film. The latest edition of the horror franchise also added P.J. Byrne, Ellen Wroe, and Nicholas D'Agosto (the guy from Fired Up who ratted out Matthew Broderick in Election) to the list of people who will die in some ridiculously unlikely way. Byrne will play "an obnoxious kleptomaniac," which sounds like a great way to set him up for getting his mouth and hands ripped off; Wroe will play a snobby, overly-competitive gymnast, so hopefully Final Destination will make her do the splits so hard she tears in half or something. Shooting starts in Vancouver September 13, and, amazingly, the film is still being called 5nal Destination despite that title's strong implication that the film wraps up the loose ends of an anal-themed porn pentalogy. That's just the way that's going to be.

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