Angelina Jolie Playing Marilyn Monroe in 'Beverly Hills Chihuahua'-Style Biopic?

August 16, 2010


Get ready to learn about the final days of Marilyn Monroe by way of Angelina Jolie and the voice-over of a dog! The author of The Life and Opinions of Maf the Dog, and of His Friend Marilyn Monroe--an upcoming novel that describes the last two years of Monroe's life as related by... fuck me... her Maltese terrier--reportedly told The Times that development on an adaptation of his book is well underway, with Jolie ready to play the actress and George Clooney in line to join her as Frank Sinatra. Neither actor nor any producer has stepped forward to confirm the statements, so it's possible this is all just wishful thinking, but still, might as well accept it as fact and start talking about who's going to play the voices of Maf and all his animal friends. Is Owen Wilson's experience voicing a dog an asset, or a conflict in the likely case of a Marmaduke cross-over sequel?

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