By the Bye, FX Didn't Cancel 'Louie'. Yay!

August 4, 2010


It's kind of sad that when an obviously-good comedy is allowed one more season on the air, that event needs to be celebrated. But, as our experiences with Arrested Development and Party Down and so on have shown us, that totally is the case, so let's take a moment to enjoy that FX has picked up another season of Louis CK's terrific Louie. CK said on the Twitter:

Folks, FX has picked up LOUIE for a second season. 13 more eps. Holy hitlers mothers tits. This is very good news.

And if you aren't watching this, start watching this. Have a clip; you'll love it. FX has more than Denis Leary: Fireman and X-Files reruns, you know.

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