Comic Books Still Our Primary Source of Movie Ideas: 'Mage' Movie Coming

August 3, 2010


Ready for a Mage movie, Mage fans? Because that's happening, now. As Variety says it:

"Watchmen" producer Lloyd Levin is set to bring seminal '80s comicbook "Mage" to the bigscreen. Levin has acquired bigscreen rights to Matt Wagner's 15-book collection that makes up "The Hero Discovered" arc.

Story -- a reinterpretation of the legend of Camelot -- centers on Kevin Matchstick, an alienated young man who discovers he has superhuman abilities, gains a magic baseball bat and defeats the nefarious plans of a being called the Umbra Sprite.

So this is a movie about the magic guys from World of Warcraft? I wasn't paying attention.

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