Dateline's 'To Catch a Predator: The Movie' Trailer

August 2, 2010


Good luck having a meet-up with that dude from Facebook tonight, teenage girls, because Ross-from-Friends has decided to validate all of your parents' worst cyber-fears with the new film Trust. From this trailer, it seems the Shwimmer-directed film is about a creepy old guy using "the net" to do some rapes on Catherine Keener and Clive Owen's daughter--and Clive Owen, being Clive Owen, getting some guns and going after this chump. Apparently this pedophile had never seen a Clive Owen film, and didn't realize that's pretty standard protocol for him. Never mess with Clive Owen's daughter. Nor Liam Neeson's daughter. Nor Mel Gibson's son.

Yikes, it turns out this isn't a "perfect neighborhood" at all! That was all trite misdirection! This neighborhood is a CYBERCRIME ZONE!


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