Donald Duck & Beagle Boys Were Our 'Inception' Forefathers

August 3, 2010


Leonardo DiCaprio & Friends may be the ones getting all the press and WTFs for their recent dream manipulations, but guess who was already extracting private information from dreams YEARS ago. That's right: as usual, it was popular avian sailor Donald Duck, Gyro Gearloose, and some criminal beagles who were at the cutting edge of convoluted sci-fi dream plots way back in 2002. As you can maybe read in the above panel, it turns out Uncle $crooge was at the receiving end of some classic Inception-style extraction eight years ago, back in this comic--and no one even wrote any lengthy articles about the deep meanings of it! For shame. But, I think RoboCop was around a bit before GizmoDuck ever started zipping around Duckburg, so how about we just call it even, guys?

Read the full Inception McDuck here, or download it as a PDF here.

(Good jobs to reddit people for solving this dreamcrime and providing so much evidence of it.)

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