Idris Elba the New Morgan Freeman Guy from the Ashley Judd Movie

August 19, 2010


That guy Morgan Freeman played in Kiss the Girls and Along Came a Spider is continuing his saga, but I'm afraid it will no longer be Freeman's eyes peering upward with their solemn dignity. Deadline reports the story of Dr. Alex Cross (that's his name, it turns out) will continue in a new film, only now with The Wire and Obsessed star Idris Elba as the star. The new film, simply titled Cross, will see our hero tracking "a serial rapist who may have murdered his pregnant wife years before," which seems like a pretty noble cause. You figure, even if he didn't murder that pregnant wife, always good to get a serial rapist to stop serial raping. I hate serial rape.

Nice to see Elba get more leading man work, but the news must come as a real slight to Clarke Peters, who played Freamon on The Wire. Come on, who's more Freeman than Freamon? No one but Freeman.

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