J.J. Abrams Decided '7 Minutes in Heaven' Movie a Good Idea

August 18, 2010


What's J.J. Abrams producing now? Why, a movie about Seven Minutes in Heaven and mass death, of course. Heat Vision says the idea came from Lost director Jack Bender, who somehow made the pitch "some kids make-out in a closet for a few minutes, and when they come out it turns out all their friends are dead" sound viable to the Bad Robot producer. I suppose it does make sense as a logical sexual successor to Twilight: now that we've taught kids to be abstinent, because of vampires, time to move on to the lesson that even hitting second base in the dark may result in the death of everyone you know.

What will the weird, Lost-y twist of how and why everyone died end up being? Use this Seven Minutes in Heaven clip from Freaks & Geeks as a jump-off point and start speculating away! Going in the closet somehow made them literally go to Heaven, for some reason?

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