Meet HALKa, The Incredible Hulk of Bangladesh

August 11, 2010


Ang Lee gave it a go; a CBS series tried so hard with Lou Ferigno and contact lenses; most recently, Louis Letterier and Ed Norton did their best; and yet still no one has really managed to create a truly definitive screen version of the Incredible Hulk. Until now, that is. Bangladesh's Sohel Afgani has finally nailed it. His secret? Altering the superhero's origin story to include pantsing, news report videobombing, and the most unconvincing CGI possible:

The bar is set, Joss Whedon. Also, Bangladeshi Bruce Banner loves you. And little cookies.

PS: Is it a requirement that all insane, low-budget foreign films must include a ridiculous assault helicopter? If not, it should be now.


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