'My Soul to Take' Trailer: Some Teenagers, a Killer, Wes Craven, You Get the Idea

August 18, 2010


This time the serial killer wants to murder the seven 16-year-olds in the local high school who were born the day he died! Whut-oh! Is he back from the dead!? Is he actually still alive, making his desire to murder kids born on the anniversary of his "death" sort of pointless!? Is his soul reincarnated in the body of one of the teens, because Wes Craven is totally getting into Hinduism or Kabbalah or something!? There's a bird man!? How many more Scary Movies will this fuel!? I'm sleepy now. Trailer:

The only surprising element of this is that the title isn't Sweet 16.

(Thanks, Alena.)

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