New 'Little Fockers' Trailer Finds New Ways To Be Intolerable

August 18, 2010


With the domestic trailer already spilling the beans on the "Ben Stiller spurts blood on his family" joke and the "Ben Stiller stabs Robert De Niro's erection with a needle" joke (aka, "probable semen joke"), the final piece of the Focker Biohazard Comedy Trinity has at last been revealed with the new international trailer. If you couldn't tell from the above image, it's vomit. There's a vomit joke, too. Because as long as a bodily fluid is evacuating its normal location in favor of humorous territory, we'll be laughin'.

Also revealed in this trailer: hilarious parodies of Jaws and The Godfather. Or should I say... GodFOCKER? Nope, no need; Robert De Niro already forces himself to say that.

Have we completely wrung the life out of the Meet the Parents franchise yet, or do we still need to make a spin-off where Jessica Alba is marrying a guy named Tittywank before we can bury this thing?


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