Reese Witherspoon and 'You've Got Mail' Bringing Us Story of Peggy Lee

August 10, 2010


Reese Witherspoon earned so many acting achievement points with her role in the Johnny Cash tale Walk the Line, it's only natural she'd revisit the Tree of Music Biopics in the hopes of plucking a few more awards from its bountiful limbs. This time Legally Blonde will be taking the lead, with Variety reporting she's starring in and producing a film about the life of singer/songwriter Peggy Lee. Perhaps more telling than Witherspoon's involvement is who she's brought on board to write and direct: Nora Ephron, the lady who--now that I've mentally de-conflated her from Nancy Meyers--I can tell you most-recently brought us the light-hearted, semi-biopic comedy Julie & Julia. This is gonna be a fun one, girls! The article gives no information as to the scope of the project, but I for one hope its concludes before her 2002 death, when she regretfully forgot to utter the words, "Never let the auteur behind You've Got Mail near my life story."

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