'Scott Pilgrim Vs. The Animation' Preview: Reconcile Michael Cera Voice and Drawn Scott Pilgrim

August 3, 2010


This Scott Pilgrim movie is going to be the next Watchmen, guys! Not in terms of being extremely grueling to watch and interrupted by a bizarre sex scene; in terms of producing fancy supplementary animated content to fill in some parts from the comic they couldn't squeeze into the film! For Pilgrim, Universal, director Edgar Wright, and comic creator Bryan Lee O'Malley have teamed up with AdultSwim to make a two-part animated flashback sequence set to air during commercial breaks Thursday, August 12th, between midnight and 12:30, and /Film has a preview. The short will describe the formation of the friendship between Scott Pilgrim and Kim Pine, so know this: if you don't watch it before seeing the film, you're just going to have to assume the two became friends somehow. Good luck with that leap.

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