Shia LaBeouf Remains Our Best Film Value

August 31, 2010


Ready for a meaningless list? Here's one: Forbes's yearly "Best Actors for the Buck" list, which, for the second year straight, has named LaBeouf the biggest star value in Hollywood. After judging the top 36 earners in Hollywood using some arbitrary criteria (we'll get to that), the magazine determined the young actor earns back $81 for every dollar placed in LaBeouf's billfold, putting him $17-per-dollar ahead of the next actor on the list, Anne Hathaway.

Of course, the list looks at the last five years--still giving LaBeouf box office credit for the first Transformers film from back when he was making Even Stevens money--ignores whether or not the star in question had a lead role--thus giving Hathaway full Alice in Wonderland credit--and pays no attention to whether the actor or the franchise name was the draw--making it seem like putting Daniel Radcliffe in a lot of movies would be a wise idea. So really this means very little. But if you're Shia LaBeouf's agent, still probably best to make a photocopy of this to keep in your briefcase:

1. Shia LaBeouf: $81
2. Anne Hathaway: $64
3. Daniel Radcliffe: $61
4. Robert Downey Jr.: $33
5. Cate Blanchett: $27
6. Jennifer Aniston: $21
7. Meryl Streep: $21
8. Johnny Depp: $18
9. Nicolas Cage: $17
10 Sarah Jessica Parker: $17

Great value, reliable, compact: Shia LaBeouf is truly the Honda Civic of actors.

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