Some Brief Things That Don't Really Deserve a Full Post

August 11, 2010


- Like all of the hand-illustrated Wes Anderson Criterion DVD covers, the one for The Darjeeling Limited is also going to be really good looking. If only I could order a print of it to hang on the wall, so I could be forced to justify my unapologetic love of Anderson's catalog to every judgmental asshole who enters my apartment. (via)

- NBC is pushing out yet another workplace comedy. The workers this time? A living museum's Pilgrim reenactment group, which totally out-wackies this fall's Indian tech-support sitcom.

- The Old Spice Guy isn't going to have a supporting role in Tyler Perry's For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow Is Enuf anymore. Now he's going to have a lead role in Tyler Perry's next Madea film, instead, so that Tyler Perry can shout some "mm-MMM"s at him from behind the safety of a wig and a fat suit.

- CNN mentioned me in this article about the Donald Duck/Inception non-controversy, calling this blog "the always-smart I Watch Stuff." Thanks go out to writer Damon Brown for completely ignoring all the incredibly stupid, near-libelous things I say on a daily basis. (And thanks to Bryan for noticing this.)

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