Sure, Why Not Let Tarantino Direct 'The Shadow'

August 4, 2010


The absence of "fucks" and lack of emphasis on ladyfeet in 1994's attempt at bringing The Shadow to screens may soon be corrected. This story from Pajiba claims our old friend Quentin Tarantino is in early talks to relaunch classic character The Shadow for Fox--which means the film would probably end up being some kind of hyper-meta tribute to his love of unsuccessful mid-'90s pulp superhero films.

But before you start updating your TarantinoWiki, it should be noted that Sam Raimi and Twilight: Eclipse director David Slade had also each been attached to the project before they decided to do other things--like a hunky vampire/werewolf movie, for example--so I wouldn't burn my Alec Baldwin VHS copy yet. Tarantino may well follow suit, lose interest, and move on to that "Southern" he was thinking about doing, or that Kill Bill sequel he promised, or that Vega Brothers film he's always talked about--or maybe another collaboration with that Japanese cell phone dog? Hopefully the dog one.

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