'The Romantics' Trailer: Which Girl from College Is Tad Hamilton Going To Marry???

August 10, 2010


Being stereotypically handsome and marrying that cute little pile of diastema known as Anna Paquin just isn't enough for Josh Duhamel: he still has feelings for college sweetheart Katie Holmes, and vice versa! Yikes! So, on the eve of his wedding with Paquin, you can imagine how his awkward reunion with Holmes (and their old group of friends Elijah Wood, Adam Brody, and Malin Ackerman) would nearly make me feel sympathy for them were they not a living action figure and a vacant husk, respectively, both incapable of true emotions. See if you can muster some up with this trailer for The Romantics

Ah, the affairs of rich, white college graduates. How are they going to finish their novels with so much ennui!?

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