Time for Another 'Curious George' Movie

August 2, 2010


Now that the last Curious George film has had four full years to dissolve from our memory (unless you were one of the lucky ones who purchased the 2009 straight-to-video Curious George 2: Follow that Monkey!), isn't it about time we get that yellow-hatted guy and his inquisitive simian back on screens? Illumination Entertainment seems to think so! The LA Times reports the premature reboot will, shockingly, NOT lazily blend CGI and real-life actors looking for a quick paycheck. Didn't see that coming, did you? No, like the studio's last hit, Despicable Me, this shit's all celebrity-voiced animation. Is the writer of the latest Focker movie involved, you ask? Sure he is. Larry Stuckey, the man who felt "Ben Stiller stabs needle into Robert De Niro's erect penis" was a joke, is writing this thing. Where's your curiosity level at now, George?

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