'Unstoppable' Trailer: This Train Is So Hard So Stop

August 6, 2010


Director Tony Scott has already once tested Denzel Washington's train-stopping power (and John Travolta tolerance) with last year's The Taking of Pelham 123 (spoiler: he did it). This year, you lucky dogs, Scott has issued a all-new train challenge: How about stopping a freight train this time, Denzel, with only the assistance of New Kirk? At stake:

- The out-of-control train!
- Other trains!
- A load of school children!
- A massive chemical explosion!
- A pickup truck with attached trailer!
- A horse!

Man oh man, you have got to stop that train, Denzel. Amtrak would hate to have to knock their "Days Without Hitting a Horse" counter back down to one. Here's the trailer, so you can hear his intense, classically-Denzelian plan.

What have you done this time, My Name is Earl?


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