Weekend Box Office: 'Other Guys' Takes Down 'Dreamthieves'

August 9, 2010


The weekend box office:

1. The Other Guys - $35.6 million. Fitting that a film about Leonardo DiCaprio in our dreams would be overtaken by a film about Mark Wahlberg, who will forever be in our dreams.

2. Inception - $18.6 million, meaning all those internet parodies can expect a bump in traffic as another couple million people now will understand what's happening with that top.

3. Step Up 3-D - $15.5 million, the worst box office yet for the entire Stepping Up series--and that includes the one they brazenly called Step Up 2 the Street, so that's really saying something.

4. Salt - $11.1 million. It turns out not everyone had already completely forgotten about this film's existence.

5. Dinner for Schmucks - $10.5 million. Soon, the phrase "Dinner for Schmucks" will return to meaning "filling up on breadsticks and salad so you can take an entire entree home from Olive Garden."

Weekend Box Office Results [Box Office Mojo]

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