Will Jim Carrey Be the One to Finally Make Cover Bands Funny?

August 20, 2010


Summit Entertainment would sure love to make a Jim Carrey movie! So claims Pajiba, who've heard word that the Twilight-maker are "courting" Yes Man for the lead in Under Cover, a hilari-heartwarming film about "a recently divorced father of two who joins a youthful cover band so he can earn enough money to win his custody battle against his ex-wife." Time to show Rainn Wilson how to act REAL hammy as a pathetic older rocker, huh, Jim? But maybe make me cry, also, with a touching courtroom performance that won't impress the stern judge but will help your estranged wife realize how hard you love your children, à la Mrs. Doubtfire? Either way, let us never dispute that joining a youthful cover band is the most obvious, effective way to make enough money to win custody of your children.

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