'X-Men: First Class' Is Basically 'Mad X-Men'

August 23, 2010


Director of your dad's X-Men films, Bryan Singer, just dumped all kinds of information to AICN about Matthew Vaughn's upcoming, youth-oriented X-Men: First Class--on which he's credited as story writer and producer. You can read the full details of the entire interview there, but here's the gist in easy-to-swallow bullet points:

- The film will take place in the '60s, setting the "mutant rights" conflict alongside whatever those other human rights conflicts were that the mutant thing allegorically represents.

- James McAvoy's Professor X will be able-legged and able-scalped--at least through some of the film.

- The better-known Bacon Brother is playing Sebastian Shaw, mutant leader of 18th century-themed, world domination-aspiring secret society The Hellfire Club. Expect a lot of velvet-covered sets.

- Cyclops and Jean Grey aren't in the film, though Cyclops's younger brother Havoc will be. We'll just have to accept vague, circular shooty thingies instead of eyeball beams.

- Vaughn has been inspired by the old Bond films, and promises to make the technology in this film similar to what was seen in those. Which could also be said of the Austin Powers films.

- The costumes, too, will take inspiration from the past, and more closely resemble the X-Men suits of the '60s. My hopes for Havoc having his awesome atomic-looking crest thing have risen.

- The story and locations will "have a more international feel." Sounds like someone spent spring semester in Europe!

- With shooting beginning soon, we'll probably get to harshly judge the costumes "in about a month, if not sooner."

So, an X-Men film, set in the time of the team's actual inception, that might not feel dated as soon as we start realizing black leather isn't all that cool? This sounds like such a reasonable take on the characters that I'm not even sure what I'm supposed to be worrying about anymore.

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