Del Toro Teams with DreamWorks for 'Trollhunters' To Enter World of 'Transmedia'

September 27, 2010


Finding the cockeyed grins of DreamWorks' animated characters impossible to resist, Guillermo del Toro has reportedly set up a new film at the Shrek studio and will consult on their current and future projects to make them more del Toro-y. The Pan's Labyrinth director just signed on with DWA to write and direct Trollhunters, an animated story based on del Toro's own book that he says "essentially combines fairy tales with modern times and is about how difficult it is to be kid." Presumably, the fairy tale part involves hunting some trolls, or that title is bullshit. Additionally, del Toro will be serving as executive producer and consultant on numerous other DreamWorks Animation films, including Kung Fu Panda 2, Puss in Boots, and even the November release Megamind--so if any of those films suddenly feature a freaky creature with bizarre, horrifying eye placement, you know why.

Explaining his sudden move into the world of animation to The Hollywood Reporter, del Toro said he thinks it's necessary for modern artists to be literate in all forms of media as the entertainment world moves towards becoming "transmedia"--a buzzword he promises "will not just be a buzz word." I doubt that's true, but still, I'm going to get working on IWatchTransmedia just to be safe.

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