George Lucas Wants To Make Some More Money Off Star Wars, in 3-D

September 29, 2010


About time for George Lucas to fuck up Star Wars again with some more renovations! After seeing how well 3-D worked for making Avatar a shit-ton of a money, the thick-necked toymaker has decided to do some more unnecessary post-production on his sci-fi epic, with plans to convert the entire series to 3-D. According to a press release obtained by the LA Times, we'll finally see The Star Wars George Lucas Always Intended starting in 2012, beginning with a new The Phantom Menace that will make you feel physically close to Jar Jar Binks. Doesn't that sound good? Lucas will then continue releasing the films each year, in order, so it's going be a while before we get around to any of the decent ones. But I have a feeling he'll manage to tide us over with something he's slapped a Star Wars logo on.

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