Have Some Casting Things, Friends

September 30, 2010


- Greta Gerwig has revealed she'll be in Metropolitan director Whit Stillman’s new film Damsels in Distress, saying, "I play a girl named Violet who runs a suicide-prevention center at a liberal arts college. She prevents suicides through the powers of Thirties song-and-dance numbers." I guess Noah Baumbach's Greenberg still wasn't elitist enough for her. (via)

- Christopher Plummer has been cast in David Fincher's adaptation of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. He'll play the wealthy family patriarch who hires Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara to investigate a four-decade-old murder case, uncovering some dangerous families secrets in the process. Sounds like Classic Plummer!

- Frances McDormand and, strangely, Eminem, are in discussions to join Rachel Weisz and Anthony Hopkins in Fernando Meirelles's 360, which Production Weekly describes as a "sex-themed drama." Darren Aronofsky and Joel Coen will also be involved, to the extent that they're both going to be grossed out if this means their longtime partners are going to be naked with Eminem and/or Anthony Hopkins.

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