'Judge Dredd' Gets Its Babe Character, and Other Casting Snacks

September 3, 2010


- According to Variety, Juno's honest-to-blogging friend Olivia Thirlby has joined the cast of Judge Dredd. She'll star opposite Karl Urban, playing a telepathic rookie learning the Judge ropes from Dredd. Still no word on Rob Schneider.

- Joe Carnahan wants to work with his A-Team cast again so hard. The director is working on getting Liam Neeson to replace Bradley Cooper in The Grey, a film about an oil drilling team stranded amongst wolves in the Alaskan wilderness. Pretty low stakes for an oil drilling team, considering that time one saved Earth from an approaching asteroid.

- Inception's Tom Hardy has joined Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, replacing Michael Fassbender, who thought it would be a better idea to play young Magneto. The Playlist says Hardy will play "'Tricky' Ricky Tarr, a British operative acquaintance of protagonist George Smiley, a 'breathtakingly ordinary, anti-James Bond'-type character who will be played by Gary Oldman." That cast and summary already makes this film a better "title that's just a bunch of words" film than Eat Pray Love.

- Frozen's Emma Bell will reportedly play one of the young cuties we watch die a horrible death in 5nal Destination. Someone had to.

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