Looks Like 'Sandman: The Series' is Happening

September 2, 2010


Hollywood's longtime plan of doing something-or-other to make some money off Neil Gaiman's cult comic Sandman is finally coming to pass. Heat Vision has informed the internet that Warner Brothers' television division is working on acquiring the rights to the series from DC/Vertigo--which you wouldn't think would be so hard, considering they're sister companies--and is meeting with producers to make some kind of TV show out of this thing. Currently at the top of their list to get the series off the ground: Eric Kripke, creator of the CW's Supernatural. I haven't seen this program, but Wikipedia tells me it "has garnered a dedicated fanbase [who] are active online, and many have written fanfiction stories about the show, with a portion of the writers dedicated to stories involving a sexual relationship between Sam and Dean Winchester—known as 'Wincest'," which sounds about right for a CW series.

Prior to Warner Brothers' involvement, HBO had been in talks to acquire the comics for development, and Gaiman spoke of hopes that Terry Gilliam would one day make a Sandman film, both of which sound better than the 20-year-old kid in a Robert Smith fright wig you're probably going to get on the CW.

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