'Myst' Video Game Coming to Cinemas (with CD-ROM Capabilities)

September 30, 2010


Myst, that washed-out slideshow of a puzzlle game that you used to play on your Packard Bell, is being adapted into a feature-length film by Roserock Films and Gran Via Productions.

Once the best-selling PC game of all time (until The Sims took care of that), Myst spawned several less-popular sequels and even a few novels to aid the really hardcore Myst fans in establishing a rich canon to discuss at MystCon. Apparently, that book trilogy is the basis for their current script, and it's said to explore "the backstory of the civilization known as The D'ni, the infinite number of worlds they could create and control and a young woman from Earth and her accidental intrusion into the D'ni society," so that should give you some vague, apostrophe-filled idea of what the final product might resemble. And if that's not enough, here's a video of someone completing the entire first game in 1:45, to give you more of an idea of how much first-person clicking will be involved if they want to make this thing at all faithful:

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