'The Dilemma' Trailer: What Should Vince Vaughn Do About Winona Ryder Cheating on Paul Blart?

September 17, 2010


In The Dilemma, Kevin James finally gets his comeuppance for fictionally marrying unreasonably out-of-his-league women when his latest imaginary wife---Winona Ryder, if you can fucking believe it--starts cheating on him with G.I. Joe. Best friend Vince Vaughn--also, per usual, married to a far too attractive woman (Jennifer Connelly), if slightly less frustratingly so--learns of the affair, and is faced with THE DILEMMA: should he tell his best friend of his wife's continued infidelity with the douche from Step Up, or should he be a horrible human and just let it go, since Leah Remini probably had dudes in and our of their bedroom all day just to make it bearable to be married to the King of Queens, anyway? Oof.

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