Aronofsky 'Wolverine 2' Rumor Maybe Not BS

October 6, 2010


Now that Darren Aronofsky is maybe feeling a bit crestfallen, being that he won't be directing any Supermen anytime soon, Fox is taking the opportunity to toss another superhero opportunity at him in the wake of his let down. How about a sequel to the piece of shit Wolverine movie, Darren?

As we learned last month, the director had been rumored to be in talks with the studio about taking on a Wolverine film for some time, but that really seemed like bullshit. Turns out, maybe not. Vulture claims 20th Century Fox has now entered negotiations with the Aronofsky, which basically just means they have to say, "Yes, we'll pay you a ton of money to completely dilute your style and credibility with a superhero thing." You aren't the only one who can take a paycheck, Michel Gondry.

But that's not all the heartening news contained within the Vulture report! The article also notes that recently-announced Superman director Zack Snyder was not Warner Bros. first choice for the project. The decision to pick such a visionary director was made because David Goyer's script--which Vulture says follows a young Clark Kent as "a journalist traveling the world trying to decide if he should, in fact, even become Superman"--is in such bad shape that it would take someone like Aronofsky months, or even years, to prepare for shooting. Snyder, on the other hand, will shoot whatever, allowing the studio to make a 2011 start date and avoid lawsuits from the Man of Steel creators' heirs. At last, we're getting the Superman film we all dreamed of, born of haste and fear of litigation. And off-putting slow-mo.

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