'Cars 2' Teaser: The Cars Are Agent Cody Bankses This Time

October 20, 2010


Having successfully remade Doc Hollywood, replacing Michael J. Fox and everyone else with cars, in 2006, Disney-Pixar will at last release an awaited(?) second chapter in the Cars saga next summer with the aptly-titled Cars 2. To get us revving our engines about the film early (car reference!), the animation giant has released a brief trailer teasing the story's spy themes and Larry Cable Guy voices. Unfortunately, just by telling you this is a Cars 2 teaser, I've sort of ruined the trailer's punchline, which I believe is, "Surprise: it turns out the 'world's newest secret agents' we've been describing are actually cars! I bet you thought they were going be hamsters or some shit, didn't you?" Sorry.

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